[Pdx-pm] Fwd: Re: kwiki spam

Randall Hansen randall at sonofhans.net
Tue Aug 29 15:29:27 PDT 2006

On Aug 29, 2006, at 1:30 PM, Eric Wilhelm wrote:

> I couldn't find a "delete" link on the newly created spam pages, so I
> just deleted the offending files from the "database/" directory.  I'm
> sure that is the wrong way to do it.  Are we missing a plugin?

no, kwiki's missing an intuitive UI in this area.  IIRC you delete a  
page by deleting all content and hitting "save."

> The question for the group:  would anyone object to being required to
> login to edit?

there are anti-spam plugins for kwiki, but no more perfect than any  
other such system (witness all the spam on http://kwiki.org/).   
logins are the surest way, but they are antithetical to wikiness.

IMHO the spam problem would have to be pretty bad to require logins.


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