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Subject: [pm_groups] Hackathon Chicago
Date: Tuesday 29 August 2006 10:47 am
From: Andy Lester <andy at petdance.com>
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Howdy to all Perl Mongers.  I've just announced the Chicago
Hackathon.  If y'all would be so kind as to forward to your groups,
I'd appreciate it.  I've gotten the word out to groups I'm aware of
that are local to Chicago, but I know there are plenty of others that
might be interested.

I'm trying to spin this as a grass-roots PM-type of get-together.
Low-key, local, but very valuable.  I'd love to have as many other PM
groups represented as possible.  So far, we have folks from: Ann
Arbor and Grand Rapids, Michigan; Toronto; LA; as well as Illinois
and Wisconsin "locals".


The Chicago Perl Mongers and The Perl Foundation are proud to
announce the Fall 2006 Chicago Hackathon, the weekend of November
10-12, 2006 in suburban Crystal Lake, IL. It will be a round-the-
clock weekend of programming on Perl-related projects with your
colleagues in the open source community. Dozens of programmers from
the open source community in the midwest, as well as others from
around the US, will be getting together to share ideas, work on code,
and move their Perl-related projects forward.

The participants set the agenda for what we'll be working on, but
Perl 6 and Parrot are already on the roster of projects. Chip
Salzenberg, pumpking for the Parrot project, will be on hand to help
with Parrot and Perl 6. Andy Lester will also be driving some Parrot
maintenance tasks, and other midwest programmers will be working on
their own projects. There's sure to be something interesting for

Participation in the hackathon costs nothing. The Perl Foundation is
even providing hotel rooms at a special rate if you want to spend the
night. Even if you're in the area for just an hour, stop by, grab a
snack or some pizza and talk with other people interested in Perl.
You might contribute more than you think just by talking with other

To find out more, visit http://hackathon.info. If you'll be
attending, please sign in on the Attendees wiki page, and/or email
rsvp at hackathon.info. You can also send questions to Andy Lester at
andy at hackathon.info

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