[Pdx-pm] Know of any object oriented perl training?

Kenneth A Skach kaskach at usgs.gov
Mon Aug 21 12:13:49 PDT 2006

Hello Portland Perlmongers, can you recommend a source of perl training?

I'm looking for perl training on object oriented programming and the use of
perl modules.  I've been "using" perl for years, but just recently learned
about modules, and CPAN, and a whole new world has opened up.

I'd like to find a class before the end of September, preferrably on the
West Coast.   I found one in London, but I need to stay within the US.
I'd prefer in-person classes, but could settle for on-line training.

I found Tim Maher's course
(http://www.consultix-inc.com/consultix/courses/perl/fund_oop.html), but
he's not offering it before October.  His course outline looked like what I

      Tim Maher's Topics
        Multidimensional Arrays and Hashes
        Anonymous Arrays and Hashes
        Complex Data Structures
        Using References
        Data References
        Code References
        Package Variables
        Handling Exceptions
        Writing Custom Modules
        Intro. to Object-Oriented Programming
        OOP in Perl

Can anyone suggest a trainer or company?

thank you!

Ken Skach,
USGS, Portland

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