[Pdx-pm] April Meeting

Joshua Keroes jkeroes at eli.net
Thu Apr 13 12:04:34 PDT 2006

On Apr 12, 2006, at 11:30 PM, Josh Heumann wrote:
> - We need to encourage more beginners, or at least reach out to those
>   who are beginning to use perl.

Get the word out. Here are some ideas:

1. Print up some propaganda - say half-page sized - head over to  
Powells Tech, and insert them in all of the Perl books you can find.  
I'm sure we could even get the blessing of the establishment to do it.

2. Print up more propaganda. Drop off inch thick stacks at other  
local UGs (Linux, Linux/UNIX, and Mac all come to mind). Make sure  
you speak with the organizer so they take the stack home with them  
between meetings. Also, offer to stock flyers for their UGs; they'll  
appreciate the gesture.

3. Print up yet more propaganda. Leave it around the local wifi  

For the propaganda, put a tickle-me note in close to the bottom that  
says, "whoops, we're almost out! Please email mumble at mumble.com to  
restock me! Mention the location, too"


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