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We just released the following news. Please pass it along
if you think it might be of interest. We do have some
review copies available for UG Leaders.


"Running Boot Camp" The First Step-by-Step Install Guide

In the Mac world, the once unthinkable, is about to become
commonplace--owning an Intel-powered Mac running Windows. When Apple
first announced the news about a switch to Intel processors, there were
gasps of wonder and some derisive groaning, shortly followed by
eye-popping amazement at the possibility of running Windows XP and Mac
OS X Tiger on a Mac. Once the idea of owning a powerhouse Mactel
fermented, the demand for "when and how" boiled over. On April 4, Apple
met the challenge and responded with Boot Camp--a beta utility that
helps users configure their Intel Macs so they can install and run
Windows XP and Mac OS X on the same machine. 

While the install of Boot Camp is relatively painless, there are
pitfalls users need to avoid. "Running Boot Camp" (Toporek, O'Reilly,
$7.99) is an easy-to-follow guide that steps the user through the
install and configuration process.

"Many PC users want to use a Mac but would hate to lose the investment
in PC software they've made over the years," says Chuck Toporek,
best-selling author and senior editor with O'Reilly Media. "With Boot
Camp and an Intel Mac, users can have the best of both worlds."

The "Running Boot Camp" PDF download walks users through each install
step including: 
-What You'll Need
- Updating the Firmware
- Running Boot Camp
- Partitioning the Hard Drive
- Installing Windows XP
- Installing the Macintosh Drivers
- Troubleshooting Boot Camp's Obstacles
- Switching Between Mac OS X and Windows XP

For more information about the download, including table of contents,
and author bio, see:

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