[Pdx-pm] Mason newbie needs help today

DK Smith dks at mediaweb.com
Wed Sep 28 10:56:35 PDT 2005


I need some help and am taking a regionally layered approach to asking
for it. :) ... starting with my nearest proximity/community and working
outward. (i'm in central Oregon)

I need an experienced Mason/Perl/DBI/MySQL person to help me initiate a
project consisting of a web interface tied to a mysql table with a
Mason/mod_perl/apache app config. I need particular help with the Mason
and Perl/DBI part. Of course, I think I will be able to "take it from
there" after your help today and possibly tomorrow. We'll see. :) 

Are you free today (Wed) and tomorrow (Thur)? I am hoping to reach
someone that can offer a "peer-to-peer rate" as I am paying for this
from my pocket. I need help learning some stuff faster than I otherwise
would without an experienced guide. Ideally, I am looking for someone
that may, indeed, be currently between jobs or a self-employed type with
nothing important to do today. Cuz I need help right away! Like
immediately. <grin>

If this is possible then pls contact me via e-mail and perhaps we can
chat further so that you can get 'scope on my needs and short-comings. I
have flat-rate long distance at home so I am happy to ring you up. 


PS: not in a position to do 1099s or anything like that. We just need a
way for me to send you some money to cover a few hours of your time.
Worst case we coulod use my CC and your paypal account. I do not see
this getting anywhere close to a $-amt that would provoke the need to
file a 1099, anyway... I am thinking of this as "I need a hands-on tutor
for a day or so". 

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