[Pdx-pm] 20 questions

Michael Rasmussen mikeraz at patch.com
Thu Nov 10 12:53:13 PST 2005

Kris Bosland wrote:
> Schwern asked me for a pointers to the 20 questions site, so here it is:
> http://www.20q.net/index.html

That was fun.  For my first object I chose "corn on the cob".  The AI and
I disagree on a few points:

You were thinking of corn on the cob.
Does it taste good fried? You said Sometimes, I say No.
  I had delicious deep fried corn on the cob in Georgia.  Suspect the
answer depends on whether or not the person has spent time in the deep

Would you use it in a garden? You said No, I say Yes.
   I wouldn't use it in the nature of the "use" like I'd use a hoe. This
question doesn't quite make sense.

Are there many different sorts of it? You said No, I say Yes.
   There are?

Does it have seeds? You said Yes, I say No.
   What the heck is corn if not seeds?

Is it found in salad bars? You said Sometimes, I say No.
   Experience base issue.

Can it float? You said Yes, I say Doubtful.
   What do you all say?  I closed my eyes and imagined a pot of boiling
water with corn on the cob.  My cobs were floating.  Fantasy or memory?


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