[Pdx-pm] Data::Dumper::Simple

Josh Heumann perl-pm at joshheumann.com
Tue May 17 18:56:52 PDT 2005

<quote who="Ovid">
> Hi all,
> On a very minor note:  during the presentation the other night, my
> module, Data::Dumper::Simple appeared to break.  It did not.  Instead, I
> was trying to use it in a way that is very clearly documented not to
> work.

Ovid, I like the concept of Data::Dumper::Simple, but from an interface
standpoint, it was a little confusing.  This is how I use Data::Dumper:

use Data::Dumper;

print Dumper $foo;

...but Data::Dumper::Simple doesn't work the same way.  In order to use
it, I have to do this:

use Data::Dumper::Simple;

my $foo = 42;
warn Dumper( $foo );

It's a small difference, I know, but it would be really nice to just
substitute one for the other and have my existing print statements work.

Any specific reason for not allowing the print Dumper?


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