[Pdx-pm] NEWBIE question - Am i making this too complex parsing HTML

Andy Lester andy at petdance.com
Sat May 7 16:25:14 PDT 2005

On May 7, 2005, at 4:06 PM, Pete Lancashire wrote:

> I have a URL that returns two MAPs. I need to extract
> all the HREFs from one of the maps. The one with the
> name 'region'. What I came up with is:

Look at WWW::Mechanize.  It's a superclass of LWP::UserAgent that does 
lots of common stuff for you.

I believe you can do:

my $mech = WWW::Mechanize->new( autocheck=>1 );
$mech->get( $url );
my @links = $mech->find_links( tag => "map" );

It's been a while since I've worked on Mech.  Maybe this is a sign.


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