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Ovid publiustemp-pdxpm at yahoo.com
Mon May 2 12:08:29 PDT 2005

--- Josh <josh at joshheumann.com> wrote:
> Soooo, Ovid.  Got a paragraph or two I can put on the kwiki?

Try this on for size:

The "holy grail" of computing, for many, is simply telling the computer
what you want and have it figure out how to do it.  Prolog is a step in
this direction.

And are you proud of your refactoring in Perl?  Do you worship DRY?
(Don't repeat yourself?)  Have you ever cringed when you had to reverse
map a hash to lookup something by value?  This and other "forced
duplication" hacks are often unecessary in Prolog.  By the time the
talk is done, programmers will understand why Prolog is code reuse on

And despite all of that, it's probably one of the easiest languages to
learn (though it can be rather hard to master.)


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