[Pdx-pm] Later Learning (2)

Rafael Almeria almeria at earthlink.net
Sun May 1 17:51:18 PDT 2005

> Absolutely.  My wife started medical school at age 42.  Her class at
> OHSU had a dozen middle-aged women in it, who were finally allowed to
> attend medical school after the admission rules were corrected.  Those

Just out of curiousity why and when were they not allowed to attend 

> circles.  I learned Pascal at 18 faster than I am learning Perl
> (granted that Perl is much richer), and Pascal was a relatively big
> step from Fortran.   While I cannot pick up a new language as fast
> as a 18yo, I probably can get to commercial productivity faster.  And
> *teamed* with an 18yo, the pair of us can kick some serious butt.

I would say that Perl's complexity is far greater than that of Pascal
so it probably doesn't mean much that it *seems* harder to pick up
Perl at your current age.


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