[Pdx-pm] Lisp class

Jeff Zucker jeff at vpservices.com
Sun May 1 09:22:56 PDT 2005

Michael G Schwern wrote:

>Thus spake Randal Lucas
>>I will soon have surpassed that age at which Paul Graham asserts one
>>must have learned Common Lisp or have missed one's chance.
>The idea what one must learn big, new ideas before a certain age when your
>brain meats harden and become forever crystalized against new ideas like
>some sort of Magic Shell sundae topping is, imo, a load of crap.
Amen, brother.  At 55 I can say definitively that I'm every bit as sharp 
as I was at 54 and a half.  And also ... um, I  forget exactly what it 
was I was going to say next but I'm sure it was relevant.  Have you seen 
my bifocals?

Personally, I think Graham must be living in Soviet Rusia beacause over 
here it's the other way around - the more you learn new languages, the 
younger you get.


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