[Pdx-pm] Lisp class

Michael Rasmussen mikeraz at patch.com
Sun May 1 04:52:40 PDT 2005

Michael G Schwern wrote:
> The idea what one must learn big, new ideas before a certain age when your
> brain meats harden and become forever crystalized against new ideas like
> some sort of Magic Shell sundae topping is, imo, a load of crap.

You need to look into studies about language acquisition.  At the right age
range you can't prevent a child from picking up a new language.  As one 
gets older it becomes more difficult. At some point it is no longer possible
for a person to effectivly create new associations between sounds and 
vocalizations and concepts.  

I'm not saying that one cannot lean new concepts, but associating them with
new symbols becomes more and more difficult.

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