[Pdx-pm] Parsing Radius Accounting Files

Roderick A. Anderson raa at mailporter.net
Fri Mar 18 15:49:34 PST 2005

I have spent the better part of today trying to _not_ re-invent the 
wheel when it comes to parsing RADIUS files.  Guess what ... no luck. 
So just before I write my own routine I'll ask if I totally missed the 
module or script.  CPAN had Logfile::Radius but I couldn't figure out 
how to get just it formatted on one line -- well with specific fields 
chosen.  Other modules were no help either.

A search using Google found one script radiusreport ( by Paul Greeg in 
1998 ) but it didn't work even after changing the chops to chomps as the 
data file had CRLFs.

So did I miss something or just plain use the wrong terms searching -- 
radius , parsing , reporting , perl?

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