[Pdx-pm] Writing Daemons with Perl?

Eric Wilhelm ewilhelm at sbcglobal.net
Wed Mar 9 13:19:06 PST 2005

# The following was supposedly scribed by
# brendan at hollyking.org
# on Wednesday 09 March 2005 03:44 pm:

>I have a program that I need to convert to run as a daemon.  That's
> the easy part, I found some web pages that showed me how to make the
> conversion.
>The information I can't seem to find is how to handle communicating
> with the program.  What's a good way to make sure it can shutdown
>gracefully, reload if the configuration file is changed and things
> like that?

FYI:  There's been a discussion about this on module-authors over the 
last couple of days.  So, someone has invented that wheel in Perl very 


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