[Pdx-pm] Getopt::Modern

Ovid publiustemp-pdxpm at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 15 17:10:32 PDT 2005

--- Austin Schutz <tex at off.org> wrote:
> 	I must be getting too old. I'm starting to think
> net::sbcglobal::Getopt and alias as Getopt sounds like a good idea.
> 	Maybe I'm just spending too much time with the java weenies.

Maybe it's just me, but I often thought that creating package names
from reversed domain names was a big bucket of stupid.  When people
from four companies release conceptually similar modules, perhaps even
inheriting from/delegating to one another, the names make life much
more confusing.
> 	Anyway, I don't see anything wrong with Getopt::Modern, other
> than the inherent trouble with naming modules in general (the next
> variety
> will be Getopt::Postmodern).

Hmm ... I kinda like Getopt::Postmodern.  Whatever happened to the
humor of popular modules like Carp?


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