[Pdx-pm] Kinosearch released

Josh Heumann perl-pm at joshheumann.com
Wed Jun 8 14:07:31 PDT 2005

This sounds great, and congratluations for getting it out.  I know that
you've introduced it to us already, but do you want to do a lightning talk
on Kinsearch tonight as a refersher?


<quote who="Marvin Humphrey">
> Greets,
> Kinosearch... has... been... released...
> ... for months!
> http://www.rectangular.com/kinosearch/
> I barely told anybody about it before now, though.  An unexpected   turn
> of events at Online Highways in early February forced me to   focus on
> other tasks, and while I've been able to do development on   Kinosearch
> from time to time, launching a project like this requires   a level of
> support I wouldn't have been able to provide.
> Things are different now.  I quit my job.
> Version 0.02 has just been uploaded to CPAN.
> For the next month or so, Kinosearch is going to be my top priority.
> The new release implements many new features, including the number   one
> request, incremental indexing.
> If you'd like to try it out, cut and paste from the sample apps here:
> http://www.rectangular.com/kinosearch/docs/devel/Search/Kinosearch/
> Tutorial.html
> See y'all tomorrow,
> Marvin Humphrey
> Rectangular Research
> http://www.rectangular.com/
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