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Michael G Schwern schwern at pobox.com
Thu Jun 2 01:46:11 PDT 2005

I got this email asking me to do a "Perlcast" about one of my modules
on the Phalanx list.  MakeMaker, Test::More, Class::WhiteHole and/or
Class::Data::Inheritable.  This is the first I've heard of Perlcast (I'm a
little fuzzy on the whole "podcast" thing, too) and I'm not entirely sure
what they want me to say about the modules... but it got me thinking.  We're
short a speaker and topic.  Would you folks be interested in hearing about
any of the above and recording it?

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From: Perl Podcast <perlcast at gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2005 23:22:30 -0500
To: mschwern at cpan.org
Subject: Audio about Class-Data-Inheritable, Class-WhiteHole, ExtUtils-MakeMaker, and Test-Simple for Perlcast
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Hi Michael,

Sorry to bother you, but Class-Data-Inheritable, Class-WhiteHole,
ExtUtils-MakeMaker, and Test-Simple have shown up on a list of modules
that I am covering in Perlcast.  Perlcast (http://perlcast.com) is a
podcast that focuses on the Perl programming language.  Recently, a
segment was added where modules found in the Phalanx 100 are being
discussed.  So far, I've been trying to do the talks on the modules,
but definitely don't do them justice.  This is where I hope that you
will help me and at the same time promote your modules by providing an
audio clip of you talking about them.  If you will provide the audio,
I will include that audio in the podcast in place of my talk :)  I try
to go over one module per show... just thought that I would throw that
in since you have more then one module on the list.  I can cut a
single track into multiple segments or you can send multiple tracks or
you can jumble them all up if you really want to.

If you would like to record your own segment please do one of the following:
	1) Reply to this email with an attached audio clip or link to a clip
	2) Skype 'perlcast' and leave a message
	3) Call US 1.501.358.4143 and leave a message
	4) Email me back so that I can call you and record the conversation
	5) Use some other way of sending audio to me that I didn't mention

Thank you for taking the time to consider doing this,
Josh McAdams

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