[Pdx-pm] ppm repository for Test::WWW::Mechanize

Roderick A. Anderson raa at mailporter.net
Tue Jul 19 21:37:58 PDT 2005

Andy Lester wrote:
>> I didn't think so and was happy as all get out when I found "your"  
>> module.  It is exactly what I need.
> You're saying you found Test::WWW::Mechanize, but had you found  
> WWW::Mechanize first?  What  are you trying to do?

I knew of WWW::Mechanize and was reading Damian Conway's article on 
"Perl Best Practices" on perl.com with the number 2 BP being write the 
tests first.  ( I must appologize to all.  I am not formally trained in 
programming.  One class in the late 60's and then a two of three in the 
early 80's.  Everything from then on has been via the "School of 
Reading, Trying, and Asking" so I don't always "get it" right off. )

Anyway I knew of Test::* but never had a reason to use it.  Up to this 
time I've been coding under fire.  You know get it done ... now.  I'm 
now reviewing my code and trying to clean it up while still dodging 
bullets and making some funtionality changes.

Many of the things I write are web based and I test them using the good 
old fashion way -- click, type, click, type, click.  I needed a method 
to consistantly test changes plus formalizing the testing process seems 
a good way to know how everything actually ties together.

So I was thinking of how to blend them -- Mechanize and Test::* -- and 
found Test::WWW:Mechanize already done.  I just assumed I could pick and 
choose code samples from the docs without doing a lot of reading.

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