[Pdx-pm] Starting from scratch with Module::Build

Michael G Schwern schwern at pobox.com
Fri Jul 8 19:01:50 PDT 2005

On Fri, Jul 08, 2005 at 06:34:42PM -0700, Marvin Humphrey wrote:
> On Jul 8, 2005, at 5:27 PM, Josh Heumann wrote:
> > Michael Schwern will be leading a discussion of how to make a module,
> > what moduley system to use and how to get it ready for cpan.  I was
> > thinking just a continuation of this thread, but maybe with beer if we
> > wanted to have the whole thing at the Lucky Lab.
> If I could suggest possible tangents:
> - structure of a multi-module distro

You mean multiple .pm files?

> - structure of an XS/Inline distro
> - structure of an XS/Inline multi-module distro with more than one  
> Makefile.PL

WARNING:  I know pretty much nothing about XS or Inline.

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