[Pdx-pm] (OT) SQL style question

Randall Lucas rlucas at tercent.com
Thu Jan 13 15:19:53 PST 2005

 > Quoting column names and using periods as separators:

I recommend against this, even if all your target database platforms 
support escaped identifier names with periods in them.  For one thing, 
Class::DBI (and/or at least some of its related modules) doesn't play 
nice with quoted names.  I got a good ways into an implementation that 
worked with all of my own software, using odd but escaped names on 
Postgres, but found myself in a world of hurt when trying to use a 
number of automation tools for SQL.

If you have the luxury, ban leading, trailing, and double underscores in 
all db identifiers except for the prefixed names.  That should preserve 
uniqueness of __ so that you can do a s/__/\./g to change names back.

Having names that m/^\w+$/ will be a lot easier for you in the end, I think.



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