[Pdx-pm] SOT: Javascripting lists

Roderick A. Anderson raa at mailporter.net
Mon Feb 21 10:29:39 PST 2005

This list has always been so great I was hoping someone might know of a 
Javascript ( ECMAscript ) list?  I've been all over the web looking for 
examples and used my safari account to check out a couple of books but I 
can't find an answer or example of doing what I need.
    I can't seem to get my brain wrapped around the Javascript 
object/method naming for complex data/objects.  Basically an array with 
multiple keys and an object for the data.  Heck I'm not sure I could do 
it in raw perl ( sans-module ) so maybe some research on that will help.

In the mean time any suggestions or pointers to resources are appreciated.

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