[Pdx-pm] File::Path rmtree modification (2)

Keith Lofstrom keithl at kl-ic.com
Wed Feb 16 07:22:39 PST 2005

I wrote about the directory chmod problem of File::Path::rmtree, where  
an unwritable directory is set to chmod 0777 before removal.

On Wed, Feb 16, 2005 at 02:51:42AM -0500, Michael G Schwern wrote:
> rmtree() is currently in the process of being reworked on p5p.  At the heart
> of things is that File::Path is very old code and nobody has taken the time
> to rework it.  I'd give you a reference to the relevant thread but I ain't
> got the Internet at the moment.


There appears to be a fix emerging - it needs help from the MacOS and
VMS crowd, but seems to fix both the chmod problem and an associated race
condition.   I will assume that a fix will proceed, and that by the time
my app is ready, this fix will evolve so that I can use it.


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