[Pdx-pm] Subversion question

Eric Wilhelm scratchcomputing at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 14:33:39 PST 2005

# from Kris Bosland
# on Tuesday 13 December 2005 01:40 pm:

>I wonder if I could just make a repository on my laptop, and then
>sync up the changes between the laptop and server repositories.

Yes!  And then write ~10k lines of Perl to manage it (don't document it, 
use a wiki) and release it as svkb (for Kris Bosland.)

Seriously, you probably want to use svk for that.  It works great.  
There is a perl module for mirroring svn over ssh, but I won't tell you 
what it's called until you give svk a shot.

Peer's Law: The solution to the problem changes the problem.

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