[Pdx-pm] Getting a list of methods that a package responds to

Phil Tomson ptkwt at aracnet.com
Mon Aug 22 14:38:29 PDT 2005

On Mon, 22 Aug 2005, Kyle Dawkins wrote:

> Hi all
> Sorry for asking this dopey question, but I am having some weird  
> problems surfing the symbol tables of some of my classes, and I can't  
> figure out what's going on.
> The basic idea is to just get a list of methods that a package  
> responds to (including inherited methods).  Basically, when an  
> instance of a class is initialised,  I do something like this:
> my $package = ref($self);
> my %symbolTable = eval("%${package}::");
> foreach my $symbol (keys %symbolTable) {
>      ...
> }
> because I am looking for certain methods to "register" for use  
> elsewhere.  However, this doesn't work; it kinda works, but it never  
> returns a complete list of methods; in fact, it returns *different*  
> lists of methods for successive calls.

  object.methods #=> returns array of method names

And since Classes and Modules are objects you can call the methods method 
on them as well (though you may want to call 'instance_methods' depending 
on what you're looking for).

You want'em sorted?

Looking for a particular method?

  object.include? "methodname"  #=> returns true of false

Oh, wait ...oops, sorry wrong list ;-)


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