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Subject: [ANNOUNCE] Parse::Perl Planning Meeting: Saturday, August 27, 2005
 at 07:00:00 UTC

Greetings folks

I'd like to invite any and all Perl folks with an interest in PPI, 
Perl::BestPractice, the Perl::Editor API, currently working on a Perl 
editor project, or any other related topics, to the first official 
Parse::Perl project planning meeting.


Saturday, August 27, 2005 at 07:00:00 UTC

Given that that we've got people spread across US, Euro and AU, and with 
the help of dcnad, I've tried to pick a time that should be at least 
equally offensive for everybody.

Basically, late friday night US, earlyish Saturday EU, and Saturday 
afternoon in AU

For details on your time zone see


Since it's going to be pretty late US and early Saturday in the middle 
of the family-activities-month in Euro, we'll be running the meeting to 
a tight time table, and for no longer than an hour.

UTC-0700 Call to order, introductions all round
UTC-0710 Project Update and Questions (Adam K)
UTC-0720 Infrastructure Modules Planning and Discussion
         (document caches, metrics database etc)
UTC-0730 Editor Comparison and blue sky thoughts
UTC-0740 Perl::Editor feature discussion (given discussions on point 4.)
UTC-0750 PPI 1.100 Feature Requests, Perl::BestPractice discussion
UTC-0800 Meeting close - General discussion, hacking, and brainstorming

For coordination purposes, all events will be made within 1 minute of 
actual synchronized time. You may wish to turn up a little early to be 

Please note although I won't be moderating the channel, please limit any 
questions to on topic questions and please shut up if I tell you.

I might move ahead early if we exhaust a topic, but I don't plan on 
falling behind. Any remaining discussion at the end of each period can 
wait for until general discussion after the meeting.

At least a few people (including me) will be around for a number of 
hours afterwards working on various things, so there's plenty of time.

I won't be keeping minutes, but I'd it if someone could log the meeting, 
plus a while into the general discussion period, for the benefit of 
those that can't attend, and I'll summarize in my use.perl.org journal 

That's it, I hope to see you all there. Please feel free to forward this 
email to people or other mailing lists you think may be interested.

Adam K

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