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Wed Aug 10 10:04:16 PDT 2005

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Date: Tue, 09 Aug 2005 18:43:27 -0700
From: Stewart Hartsfield <create at steworks.com>
Subject: Re: need developer

Hello Josh,

Thanks for your reply this morning.

We're looking for an independent contractor, rather than an employee. 
The gig would not be one to retire on - we do need a budget solution.

We're looking for a developer/programmer/ who can advise & consult with 
us first, then move quickly to help us realize about 5-7 pages to wrap 
around an osCommerce shopping cart as a "participatory" front end. We 
have a story to tell, and want to encourage site visitors to share their 
own stories, so we want to provide some manner of upload, with some 
manner of oversight, and relative ease of update, all in a form that can 
integrate with the existing cart.

If you can put this much in front of membership, they could contact us 
directly if there's an interest.

Stewart Hartsfield

Josh Heumann wrote:

>Hello Stewart,
>Can you give me a little more information regarding what kinds of skills
>you'd like an employee to have and any contact information (other than
>the email address) that I could send along to my members?  
><quote who='Stewart Hartsfield' when='Mon, Aug 08, 2005 at 03:10:14PM 
>>Hello Josh,
>>We need a developer, versed in open source, to continue work on our 
>>e-commerce site. We have an osCommerce installation that we want to wrap 
>>within pages which tell a story relevant to the products we intend to 
>>market & invite visitors to share their own experiences as well.
>>We need some guidance as to form & implementation for the 
>>"community-building wrap-around" we envision for this. We also need a 
>>budget solution - I was hoping to find an independent contractor, 
>>perhaps a student, who would be interested in the challenge at somewhat 
>>lower rates.
>>We'd prefer someone who could begin ASAP, interface with us to get our 
>>needs firmly in mind, make solid recommendations as to potential 
>>solutions, and quickly move to set up the site features we need.
>>Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>>Beverly & Stewart Hartsfield

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