[Pdx-pm] Second August Meeting?

Eric Wilhelm scratchcomputing at gmail.com
Tue Aug 9 12:27:03 PDT 2005

# from Josh Heumann
# on Tuesday 09 August 2005 12:16 pm:

>Adam Kennedy reminded me that he is also in town and available to give
> a talk.  He's interested in giving a talk on any of his modules[1],
> but some people on the list had mentioned PPI specifically[2].

So many to choose from!  PPI sounds interesting.

>The big question is, are people interested in a second meeting this
>month?  Is tomorrow night too soon?

I was just about to ask if the "Special August Meeting" was special in 
that it's the August meeting at a different time or special in that 
it's in addition to the unspecial one?

I have a recurring slot on my calendar there anyway, so it's not like it 
would be surprising to have it tomorrow.

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