[Pdx-pm] local extractor for CGI::Untaint

John Springer techdude at dpo.org
Fri Apr 8 12:44:49 PDT 2005

I'm trying to use the CGI::Untaint module with some of my own 
validation rules.

I can't seem to get the paths right to get my mod to work.  All the 
docs seem to use the
same example and it isn't helping me.   Can I get some help please?

my module is in /usr/www/users/orygun/cgi-bin/MyUntaint
(and cgi-bin is in @INC).

in my module I have:
	package MyUntaint::digit;
	use base 'CGI::Untaint::object';

in my program I have
	$q=new CGI;
	$q=new CGI::Untaint(

The output is:

Can't locate object method "_new" via package 

   John Springer
   Tech Dude
   Democratic Party of Oregon
   (503)224-8200 x235

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