[Pdx-pm] Module::*, installing more than just modules?

Austin Schutz tex at off.org
Fri Sep 24 16:36:21 CDT 2004

	I'm trying to create a 'package' of a particular software application.
I would like the finished product to be something where one can do something
along the lines of 'perl Build.PL; ./Build install' and everything will
do what it's supposed to.

	However, the available modules, e.g. Module::Install, Module::Build
don't seem to include (or not in a way that's obvious to me) a method for
doing the actual "building" of the application itself.
	For scripts (perl and otherwise), that typically means adding the #!
path at the top of the scripts. While 'Build' happily installs whatever is
under scripts/, it doesn't appear to actually do anything to the scripts

	There's also some sort of poorly documented build mechanism for
compiling C code, though there again it isn't clear how to make it do
something clever beyond compiling/linking, or how one might use the mechanism
for building e.g. a java component to an application.

	It _seems like_ there is some missing functionality here. For a given
file type, maybe, I would like to have some sort of customizable build
functionality, then have Build do the building. Sort of like make, but more

	Is this functionality there and I'm just blind, or a poor reader? If
not, would this be a worthwhile task to work on, or is there some other
existing module someone would recommend for this?

	I'm sure this is possible with MakeMaker, but I'd like a pure perl
solution. I could just diddle all the files directly in Build.PL, but it
seems like reinventing the wheel.



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