[Pdx-pm] Testing demo ideas

Rafael Almeria almeria at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 13 21:44:10 CDT 2004

> Also, I prefer working with object oriented code, but I also realize 
> that some of you may have no
> experience there and throwing too many things at you at once may 
> confuse things (which is one of
> the reasons I won't be using Class::MethodMaker.)  OO Perl is 
> ridiculously simple, but that could
> just be my perspective.  Does anyone have strong feelings on this 
> matter?

I also like working with OO Perl but I think that to a beginner it 
might not be so simple especially if they have no concept of what 
Object Oriented is.  It'd probably be better if you split up your 
presentation into two parts.

Of course, the best policy would probably be to just ask on that day 
and see if everyone is comfortable with OOP or not.


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