[Pdx-pm] an action-packed email

Josh Heumann perl-pm at joshheumann.com
Thu Sep 9 18:27:13 CDT 2004

Thanks for Phil Thompson and Lennon Day-Reynolds for their talk last night
about Ruby!  Their slides from the talks are up on the kwiki:

Next month's meeting will be some Live Interactive Testing, lead by Ovid
(Ovid, please update the kwiki when you get a chance:

AND... Postgres and MySQL are neck-and-neck in our poll.  If you haven't
voted, get in the voting mood by casting your vote at http://pdx.pm.org/.

ALSO!!!  The pdx.pm library is growing.  O'Reilly sends us books for us to
enjoy and review.  If you are interested in checking one out, let me know.
 A full list of the books that we have are also on the kwiki:

If there's a book you're interested in, but don't see it on the list, let
me know.  O'Reilly is more than happy to let us review their books.


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