[Pdx-pm] Emulate a file in memory?

Roderick A. Anderson raa at mailporter.net
Fri Oct 1 13:02:59 CDT 2004

Is is possible, in Perl, to emulate a file in memory?  Open it, read
from, write to etc. then save to disk when closed?

Here is what I'm trying to do.  Create an application that stores data
in a SQLite database stored in memory.  When done or before using the
data; encrypt/decrypt the whole thing, before/after a save-to/read-from
disk.  Of course a DataDumper like datastructure  would work also but
I'm a SQL/database kind of thinker.

I'm thinking of a perl implementation of an eWallet kind of application.

What are (are there any?) the correct terms in perl-speak for this?  I
looked eleven pages into a CPAN search and found a few modules that
looked promising but not, to the best of my understaning, doing this. 
This is assuming it is/will-be pure perl and there is no external
encryption/decruption program available.

I'm giving up trying to explain this.  I think I'm just making it
worst.  If it makes any kind of sense please point me in the right
direction.  Otherwise I'll dig deeper in the books.


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