[Pdx-pm] Meeting Tonight

Josh Heumann perl-pm at joshheumann.com
Wed Nov 10 11:21:51 CST 2004

November Meeting
November 10th, 2004 6:30pm at Free Geek, 1741 SE 10th Ave

Testing with Ovid (description below)


If you asked for a book from O'Reilly, it is here!  Come pick it up at the

Also, tshirts are still available.  Our sporty logo is viewable at
http://pdx.pm.org.  Shirts are black, and a measly $10.


Testing with Ovid

We hear a lot about testing, including testimonials, talks, rants, etc.
However, the biggest obstacle to testing is taking those first steps. At
this meeting, Ovid (that's me) will sit down at his laptop and actually
write a module, from scratch, using test driven development. You'll see
how tests work, how they're applied in the real world and you might even
learn a thing or two even if you're already comfortable with testing.

Afterwards, as always, beer at the Lucky Lab!


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