[Pdx-pm] Mail::Lite, Net::SMTP problem

Thomas J Keller kellert at ohsu.edu
Fri May 28 16:02:40 CDT 2004

It's my understanding that Mail::Lite calls Net::SMTP under the hood 
when you call the send() method:
$msg->send("smtp", "$smtp_host", SkipBad=>1, Notify=>'Never', );

It gets its list of email addresses, from the MIMI::Lite msg object, 
but some of them are not valid (out of my control).

When I run this script I get
SMTP RCPT command failed:
No such recipient

  at core_fees_mail.pl line 48

And NO mail gets sent.
I'd like to force Net::SMTP to send out the good ones and just give a 
warning about the bad ones.  That's what I thought I was doing with the 
SkipBad and Notify options. But alas, doesn't seem to work that way.

Your suggestions will be appreciated.
Tom K

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