FW: [Pdx-pm] Escaping a character in a string from a file

Rasmussen, Michael Michael.Rasmussen at columbiamanagement.com
Wed May 12 15:30:16 CDT 2004

> From: John [mailto:jgoalby at hotmail.com]
> I have a file of regular expressions I want to match.  I read in the file
> and then match each entry as such:

> if ($something =~ /$tomatch/i)

> I want to be able to specify something like ".pl" in the file so that I
> match all perl files.  Specifying .pl matches .apl.  Is there a way I can
> escape the "." when it is in a file?  I tried "\.pl", but it didn't work.

It doesn't?  

[mrasmuss at cmclink tback]$ ls
a.apl  a.pl  b.bpl  b.pl  tpl  
[mrasmuss at cmclink tback]$ cat tpl

@file = `ls`;
@pats = qw {

foreach $something (@file) {
        chomp $something;
        foreach $pat (@pats) {
                if ($something =~ /$pat/i) {
                        print "did ";
                } else {
                        print "did not ";

                print "find $pat in $something\n";

[mrasmuss at cmclink tback]$./tpl
did find pl in a.apl
did find .pl in a.apl
did not find \.pl in a.apl
did find pl in a.pl
did find .pl in a.pl
did find \.pl in a.pl
did find pl in b.bpl
did find .pl in b.bpl
did not find \.pl in b.bpl
did find pl in b.pl
did find .pl in b.pl
did find \.pl in b.pl
did find pl in tpl
did find .pl in tpl
did not find \.pl in tpl
[mrasmuss at cmclink tback]$

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