[Pdx-pm] DBD::mysql cont.

Chris Dawson cdawson at webiphany.com
Tue Mar 30 02:01:32 CST 2004


mysql_config is a program which returns information about the mysql 
libraries and header files, like where they are installed in case you 
placed them in a custom path.   This is so a compiler can properly link 
in the correct files to a mysql related program or library, which is 
what you are doing here by building the .so for DBD-mysql.  So, I wonder 
if you:

a) have mysql installed on your Mac?  If so, you just need to find out 
where the mysql_config program is located, and add this to your path 
(probably "export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin" would do it, or try "set 
PATH...") so that the CPAN script can run mysql_config and provide the 
correct paths during compilation of the mysql shared object.

b) or, if you don't have mysql installed and don't want to, or aren't 
able to install it, you might be able to find prebuilt binaries of the 
DBD-mysql packages.  I am not a Mac user so I cannot really help there, 
but it seems like most of the perl hackers here use Macs, so someone 
else might be able to offer suggestions there.

Btw, you can download mysql for free from mysql.com, in case you didn't 


James marks wrote:

> I'm still  hesitant to post all the terminal text related to the 
> failed install attempt (unless you really want it) but here are some 
> of the errors that I can see:
> (snip)
> Can't exec "mysql_config": No such file or directory at Makefile.PL 
> line 174.
> readline() on closed filehandle PIPE at Makefile.PL line 176.

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