[Pdx-pm] We're hiring

Ovid curtis_ovid_poe at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 24 15:14:40 CST 2004

(Side note to Clint:  I sent an email to you asking for your resume,
but I didn't hear back.  Did you get it?)

If you don't mind pair programming, test-driven development, Mason,
Perl, no overtime and your choice of OS to develop on, you might want
to send your resume to publiustemp-rentrakjobs at yahoo.com.  If it goes
straight to me, you bypass HR and go straight to the head of the line
(and I might get a hiring bonus).

We actually don't care if you know Perl or Mason.  We care about
whether or not you are a good programmer (or have solid potential). 
You can learn Perl and Mason on the job.  Check out our Web site at
http://www.rentrak.com/ to get an idea of who we are.

We're located in beautiful Portland, Oregon (near the airport, if that
matters to you).

On a personal note:  I've worked for a number of companies and this is
one of the best working environments I've enjoyed.

My email address above is a temporary, so get yours while supply lasts!
 Or something like that ...

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