[Pdx-pm] Lean Programming Talk and Workshop in Corvallis

John Sechrest sechrest at peak.org
Tue Mar 9 22:12:53 CST 2004


	I think that there are two events that are worth considering:

	On thursday March 18th, there will be an SAO Corvallis
	Tech Pub. at 5:30 at the Ramada Inn on 9th street.
	The speaker will be Dr. Peter Middleton, Professor of Computer Science, 
	Queens	University, Belfast, UK - It will be an informal
	discussion about Lean programming. 

	You can find some additional information on the SAO
	web site at http://www.sao.corvallis.or.us

	On the next day, there will be a 1/2 day workshop:

	Applied Lean Software Development Workshop
	March 19, 8:30-12:30 at HP Corvallis
	$40 fee	

	In a half-day workshop, through a combination of discussion
	and hands-on simulation, we will demonstrate the successful
	application of Lean and Six Sigma to software development. We
	will present results from an actual project. We will show
	benefits in improved software release predictability, speed,
	team productivity, and quality.

	You will take away practical insights into how to improve your
	own software development process and implement change in your

	Sponsored by SAO Corvallis Chapter in partnership with Lean360
	LLC, and hosted at HP Corvallis Campus.

	Presenters for this half-day workshop are:

	Ammon Cookson, Vice President of Product Development,
	ProWorks, and President, Lean360

	Has over 15 years of experience managing software projects,
	and has led several lean software development projects.

	Larry Godt, Principal, Lean360 LLC

	Has over 20 years of business experience with the last 9 years
	devoted to helping companies achieve improved business
	performance in a variety of industries including software

	Dr. Peter Middleton, Professor of Computer Science, Queens
	University, Belfast, UK

	Has been researching lean software development processes in
	collaboration with Lockheed Martin Aerospace.  He's also the
	author of a forthcoming book on lean software development.

	Dr. Mike Rowney, President,  Rowney Consulting Inc.

	Has spent 20 years applying lean and six sigma in a variety of
	industries including software development.


	HP Corvallis Campus, conference room Valley A in Building 3
	1000 NE Circle Boulevard, Corvallis, Oregon

	8:30am to 12:30pm, Friday, March 19, 2004


	Fee: $40 payable in cash/check at the door.

	Attendees will be provided with a workshop notebook.

	Seating is limited; we recommend that you register early.  To
	register, send an email to: 

	ammonc at lean360.com

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