[Pdx-pm] ASP, PerlScript and Time::HiRes

Roderick A. Anderson raanders at acm.org
Tue Jun 15 15:06:03 CDT 2004

This is a first (ASP/PerlScript) for me and I'm getting no where quick.  
Hopefully someone can point me at the right tool.

I've been 'given' some ASP code that uses PerlScript from a fairly 
reliable source.  (Names withheld to protect anyone guilty besides me.  
:-)  I've got the file installed according to instructions but get the 
page source code back instead of the script working.
   Much head scratching, code trimming/testing and it's come down to it 
mostly works until the use Time::HiRes; line.  I've tested that the module 
is installed and once I comment the line out the script makes a 
valiant try.  The actual use statement is in some other modules so 
commenting all the Time::HiRes lines out doesn't seem a good idea.

   I've tried running the script (silly me) from the command line using
the perl debugger.  It pukes.  Removed the ASP stuff and it tries again
but no joy.  Question is: what 'normal distribution' tools are there to
debug this.

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