[Pdx-pm] SOT - Recovering a bonked Win2k ActiveState install

Roderick A. Anderson raanders at acm.org
Tue Jun 8 16:27:27 CDT 2004

Really sorry to ask this but I'm down to thinking I'll have to uninstall 
and install the ActiveState Perl on a Win2K server but hoping for a 
command that will restore/rebuild the perl install.  I'm using the 'free' 
download version and have messed up the install while trying to get 
libXSLT installed.
   Using (trying to use) ppm I made a hasty answer to a question and now
(re)installing I don't get the question again.  Something about a
winlibxlst.dll -- I think.  In a fit of madness I tried unistalling
several XML packages hoping to get back to square one followed by an OS
level removal of the directories (folders) and now I'm having nothing but
problems trying to install the package (libXSLT) again.

Is there a method to get ppm to reread it's database and compare it, as 
much as possible, to the actual detected files and directories etc?

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