[Pdx-pm] question: moving script from unix to windows

aspen 108 aspen_108 at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 7 18:37:04 CDT 2004

Thanks chromatic, Mark, Tom, Ovid for your suggestions.

Here's the complete error message with $! added:

"unable to open <26.png>: at Hagg_visual_win line 729, <INCPL> line 74592

INCPL is a big input file (a 410 MB text file), but only a small portion is 
read for each iteration.  I wouldn't think this is a problem(?), since it's 
ok in unix or in windows without true type commands.

The variable $image is reused in each interation, though I don't currently 
have it as a "my" variable.  Here's a snippet from that subroutine:

sub start_PNG {
    use GD;

    $font = "tahoma.ttf";

    $xpixels = 1024;    #total size of image
    $ypixels = 600;

    $image = "";
    $image = new GD::Image($xpixels, $ypixels);

I gave the 3-argument form of open a try, but no luck.

I think you guys are right that I'm running out of something as I institute 
the true type fonts.  The more lines of true type output commands I have in 
the script, the fewer good output files I get before it says it can't open 
the next file.  It lets me get from 1.png all the way up to appx. 508.png 
with only one line of true type output commands in the script, but only to 
appx. 23.png with 10 lines of true type.  I thought everything was 
reinitialized with each iteration, hmmm...

Thanks again  :o)

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