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Mon Jul 19 16:56:28 CDT 2004

--- Joe Oppegaard <joe at radiojoe.org> wrote: 
> > how about
> > 	s/perl/vb/g
> But then we'd get beat up at OSCON. :(
> -Joe

Well, if we really want to go all the way, we can skip a tag line and just have a tiny shell
script.  If this doens't start a few fights, nothing will:

  alias emacs=vim
  alias mysql=postgres
  alias python="init 0;"
  rm -fr /usr/bin/ruby
  perl -MCPAN -e install Acme::Code::Police


PS:  One of the programmers I work with used to alias emacs to vim, much to the consternation of
programmers who would pair with him.

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