[Pdx-pm] CGI.pm question about start_html(-script)

Thomas J Keller kellert at ohsu.edu
Mon Jul 19 14:26:52 CDT 2004

Greetings CGI.pm users,
I would like to call more than one external javascript script in a 
workrequest form I'm writing using CGI.pm. How do I code that in the 
start_html() method?

I've tried giving the -src argument  of -script an anonymous array:
	'-src'=>[ 	'http://www.ohsu.edu/include/header_alt.js',

And I've tried giving -script an anonymous array:
	-script=>[	{'-language'=>'JavaScript',
			}, {'-language'=>'JavaScript',
			}, {'-language'=>'JavaScript',
			} ]
But neither approach works. I'm thinking that a list of input is not 
accepted, or I'm missing something basic.

Can you help me with this?
Tom Keller

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