[Pdx-pm] Odd (?) array process

Roderick A. Anderson raanders at acm.org
Thu Jul 1 18:38:31 CDT 2004

Well it may only be odd to me but I can't seem to figure out a way to do 
this.  (Probably too late in the day -- brain's full and I want to go 
home :-).

I am getting command line like this:

raa at onedomain.com, sbb at twodomain.com someone at example.com, \
ed at example.geek checkone, checktwo, checklast D:\spool\ertyuihjklyuio.file
	(the continuation is mine)

and the anywhere there is a comma-space it needs to be only a comma since 
the two or more values belong together.  I can't change the software 
providing the data to do it correctly -- commas and no spaces -- so I need 
a perl solution.  Getopts didn't work didn't work on Windows groups of 
values in single quote marks "value1, value2" and double quotes are not an 
   Any suggestions on how to do this?  I tried some foreach loop tricks
but got nowhere slowly.  Like I typed earlier I'm tired and my brain is
full for today.  I know I just not seeing it clearly.  If no suggestions
this evening I'll look at a for loop tomorrow.

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