[Pdx-pm] [SOT] perl based software recommendations

Andrew Savige ajsavige at yahoo.com.au
Sat Jan 31 16:17:42 CST 2004

Roderick A. Anderson wrote:
> On Thu, 29 Jan 2004, Andrew Savige wrote:
> > If you want a Perl-based one, you might try the recent siesta:
> >   http://siesta.unixbeard.net/
> >   http://search.cpan.org/dist/Siesta/
> Wow.  A quick look says this is what I need.  Thanks.
> > or the not so recent majordomo:
> >   http://www.greatcircle.com/majordomo/
> Yeah majordomo was being considered but I thought it was a bit of over 
> kill for a dozen or so lists with less than 1000 members each (my guesses 
> here.)
> > Apart from being a standard, does mailman have killer feature/s
> > that these Perl-based ones lack?
> > 
> > /-\ (who can't understand why Python should be better suited to
> >      writing mailing list manager software than Perl)
> Ergo, my question.  I want to be able to fiddle if the need arises.
> Again thanks,

Glad to be of service.

At the risk of being labeled a serial mailing list pest, I subscribed
to pdx to learn from the overabundance of Perl celebrities clustered in
the Portland area: Schwern, Ingy, Ovid, the awkwardly cased chromatic,
Allison Randal, Ward Cunningham, Randal Schwartz "with" Tom Phoenix,
Tonya Harding, Monica Lewinsky and Josh's Freaky Neighbor (who we all
hope never stumbles upon the mailing list archives and so spoil what
may well become the longest running joke in Perl mailing list history).
BTW, I am eager to learn the titles of JFN's other Perl books, only
Cozen's Wrox introductory work being singled out so far.


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