[Pdx-pm] Location secured!

Josh Heumann perl-pm at joshheumann.com
Tue Jan 13 14:25:59 CST 2004

PORTLAND, Jan. 13.  Mathematicians announce a new formula they say will
revolutionize the world of Portland Perlmonger meetings.  "It's tough to
classify it, and we don't really know how long it will be vaild," said
Joshua Keroes, a promininent member of the group and high-powered

The formula, now known as "pdx.pm meeting location" has been sought after
for many days, and the subject of much discussion.  The formula, in its
entirety, is

TBA = "Portland Community College's Cascade campus library"

other components include free wireless, but there are only theories on how
this will fit into the equation, authorities said.


Okay, the rest of the article wasn't that interesting, but what it means
is that we have a location!

In addition to the normal meeting stuff, we'll be doing some live
refactoring (bring code to refactor if you have it) and I might attempt to
juggle anything you bring (laptops at your own risk)...

What: January Meeting
When: January 14th, 2004
Who: Randal Schwartz "with" Tom Phoenix
Who Else: You!  (And don't forget my Freaky Neighbor!)
Where: PCC's Cascade Campus library
  Map to PCC:
   Map of campus: http://www.pcc.edu/pcc/dma/cascademap.htm (it's the
round building)
   Map of library: http://www.pcc.edu/library/maps/cascade/ (to prove the
above parens)
Why: Because you love Perl, duh.

Vive le Perl!

People photos and a stroll
around Vancouver: photos @

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