[Pdx-pm] New DA question - sub return'd values

Roderick A. Anderson raanders at acm.org
Thu Jan 8 13:09:46 CST 2004

On Thu, 8 Jan 2004, Ovid wrote:

> --- "Roderick A. Anderson" <raanders at acm.org> wrote:
> > On Thu, 8 Jan 2004, Ovid wrote:
> > 
> > Got all the above.  And basically understood it already.
> I hope I didn't sound too pedantic.  I often don't know the skill level
> of the person I am responding to and I try to be cognizant of the fact
> that others might be reading.

No problem here.  I try to ask my questions so it sounds like I know less 
than I do (or think I do :-).  I really like your replies.  In fact I'm 
saving them in case I have to explain to someone else.  I'm the CPF 
(Certified Perl Fanatic) here and about so get questions sometimes.

> I assume you're asking if this is OK inside of the main namespace? 

Yes.  Namespace.  I've been doing a little too much work on Linux 
Vservers, PostgreSQL, and XML.  They all get mixed together, even this 
early in the morning.

> In that example, we're still in the main namespace (which I think was
> your question), but we've stomped on $_ in &main::zero and the regex
> match in the while loop will never succeed.  From your email, it looks
> like you understand this issue, but just in case, I thought I would
> clarify that.

Thanks.  Since before my current job and these recent projects I only
programmed sporadicly and mostly little, simple, scripts reenforcement is

> The reason why that simplistic example is important to me is because I
> often build small utility scripts and as they grow, I pull out large
> chunks into subroutines.

I'm getting there quickly.  I'm copy and pasting the same code in many  
scripts (CGI and utility).  Once it get it stabilized I'm going to do the 

> If I've already predeclared any use of $_ as local, I don't have to
> worry about going back and fixing it when the code gets moved.

A very good idea.  I think I got bit by this a couple of times and played 
hell sorting it out.  Part of the reason I'm using a hash to hold global 
variables is if I step on them it truly is my fault.

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