[Pdx-pm] Still hiring...

Joshua Keroes jkeroes at eli.net
Thu Jan 1 22:05:49 CST 2004

PDX.pm is still looking for a friendly person with organizational 
skills to manage monthly meetings.

All resumes[1] will be looked at.
All suggestions will be weighed.
All candidates will be considered.

Are you considering the position? You must be able to perform the 
following monthly duties:
+ determining a topic or speaker for the monthly meeting
+ finding a place for said meeting
+ reminding the meeting place of said meeting
+ reminding the usergroup of said meeting
+ having the meeting

For bonus points, you may:
+ take field trips... to fields!
+ take field trips... to bars!
+ take field trips... to geek-friendly places!
+ do the t-shirt thing!
+ be creative and do Creative Stuff!

For performing those duties, you may look forward to:
+ meeting clever, fascinating people
+ earning the group's appreciation
+ adding a line to your resume - always handy these days!


[1] Resume? Ha, we don't need no steenkin' resumes!

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