[Pdx-pm] meeting location

Josh Heumann perl-pm at joshheumann.com
Wed Feb 4 18:13:25 CST 2004

> I liked it.  Easy to get to.  Well equiped.  Quiet.  Are you sure they
> always close at 8?

That is the official time, and while they do rent out classrooms, they're
under massive construction right now.

Free Geek is posibility: they have space, I can provide the projector, but
they don't have wifi.  They might be able to provide a couple of network
drops, but they might come down occasionally, as their sysadmin group
meets at that time.

I'm also talking to Mack about letting us use the Urban Grind again. 
Everyone would probably have to buy something (or just give him $2), and
I'm trying to get him to see that he could build a nice following of loyal


PS. We're number one if you google for "freaky neighbor" or "my freaky
neighbor", with or without the quotes.
13 portraits in one series
of photos, 88 photos total

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